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Soleirolia soleirolii

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Botanical name: Soleirolia soleirolii

Synonyms: Helxine soleirolii

Named by: Esprit Requien (1965)

Family: Urticaceae

Genus: Soleirolia

Native area: Baleares, Corsica, Sardegna, Italy

Common names: mind-your-own-business, baby's tears

Care difficulty: avarage

Light preference: bright light to partial shade

Minimum temperature: 2°C (25°F)

Optimal temperature: 10-27°C (50-80°F)

Humidity: medium to high

Watering: keep the soil moist but not wet

Fertilizing: 10-10-10, biweekly during growing season

Soil: 50% peat moss, 50% perlite

pH: 5-6

Repotting: yearly

Speed of growth: moderate

Mature size: up to 10cm (0.3ft.) in height and 1m (3.3ft.) in spread

Flower: tiny white

Propagation: by dividion or seed

Pests: aphids

Diseases: root rot

Toxicity: not toxic

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