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Asplenium nidus

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Botanical name: Asplenium nidus

Named by: Carl Linnaeus (1753)

Family: Aspleniaceae

Genus: Asplenium

Native area: Asia, Australia, Hawaii, Madagascar, Polynesia

Common names: Bird's-nest fern, nest fern

Care difficulty: average

Light preference: bright indirect light

Minimum temperature: 13°C (55°F)

Optimal temperature: 16-21°C (61-70°F)

Humidity: high

Watering: keep the soil moist but not wet

Fertilizing: 10-10-10, monthly

Soil: 30% orchid bark, 30% peat moss, 40% perlite

pH: 5

Repotting: yearly

Speed of growth: moderate

Mature size: up to 1.5m tall (3ft.) and 1m wide (2ft.)

Flower: plant doesn't flower

Propagation: by spores, tissue culture

Pests: scale, mealybugs, fungus gnats

Diseases: bacterial blight (Xanthomonas)

Toxicity: not toxic

- Asplenium's prefers cooler room temperatures (up to 21°C or 70°F)
- in nature they are epiphytes and they usually grow on trees, their substrate needs to be well-draining
- water around the outside edges of the pot, water in the central part of the plant can cause bacterial blight

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